About Me


I am a university student, and my interest in the logistics sector began during my university education. Throughout my academic journey, I have taken various courses related to logistics, delving into the subject to acquire in-depth knowledge. I made extra efforts to intensify my interest in the logistics sector.

During this process, I conducted comprehensive research on topics such as transportation, logistics strategies, and supply chain management. By staying updated on current developments in the field, I increased my sensitivity to industry innovations. I established this blog to share the knowledge I gained, narrate my experiences, and spark your curiosity about logistics.

My website aims to provide informative content covering the latest trends in the logistics world and addressing significant topics in the industry. Additionally, I seek to support those who want to become knowledgeable in this field by offering in-depth examinations and practical information on topics like transportation modes, logistics strategies, and sustainable logistics.

This website is entirely a personal blog. If you have questions about the content I provide, suggestions, or partnership proposals, please feel free to contact me.

As I conduct my research, I closely follow the latest trends and innovations in the logistics sector. I take great pleasure in sharing this information with you. Thank you, and I am grateful for your visit to my site!

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